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Boomers and Silents Represent 70% of the Wealth and Affluent Market

Today’s marketers very much hold a focus on Millennials – and even Gen Z. But when it comes to wealth in the US, younger generations distantly trail their older counterparts, despite some gains. In fact, new data from Phoenix Marketing International (PMI) indicates that roughly 70% of the wealth and affluent market (those with investable […]

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Stats Show List Segmentation Tools Provide Significant Lift in Email Clicks

Email marketers have long looked at segmentation as a leading way to increase email response rates and have made it one of their top email priorities. Recently, MailChimp dove into its customer data to provide stats demonstrating that segmentation does actually work.

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Facebook User-Generated Content Engagement Reportedly Down in 2016

Facebook users averaged far fewer original posts in 2016 than they did the year prior, according to a Mavrck analysis [download page]. While the trends identified in the report point to a general decrease in earned engagements, the study also demonstrated the continuing power of word-of-mouth.

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1 in 3 Insurance Policyholders Go Hunting For A Better Deal At Renewal Time

For the most part, insurance policyholders are more likely to simply renew a policy without much effort when it comes up for renewal than to actively search for a better deal, according to new data from YouGov. However, close to 1 in 3 policyholders will use that time to look, typically using friends and family […]

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How Brands Are Using Snapchat And Gaining Followers

Most new followers of brands on Snapchat discover those brands by searching for their usernames, though a fractional but growing number are added through deeplinks, according to a recently-released analysis [download page] of Q4 brand activity from Snaplytics.

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