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Retailers’ Text Message Campaigns Seeing Highest Click Rates on Fridays

An analysis of more than 85 million SMS and MMS messages sent by retailers during a 5-month period from November 2015 through March 2016 has found that the average unique click rate was 10.5%, ranging from a low of 9.4% in December to a high of 12.1% in February. The data, which comes from Experian […]

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Twitter Lags in Brand Post Interaction Rates

It’s well known by now that Instagram is the top social platform for post engagement rates (MarketingCharts studied potential reasons back in 2014), although those rates have been on the decline. Now, a new study from Quintly compares interaction rates across 180,000 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles, finding that Twitter falls far behind regardless of […]

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A Stark Choice: Traditional TV or Streaming Video?

Recently, an IAB study [pdf] released in conjunction with the NewFronts was greeted with much press proclaiming that viewers now prefer digital video to primetime TV. (The actual results weren’t quite as clear, but did show that users of TV and original digital video tended to associate the latter more with terms such as “innovative,” […]

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Programmatic Gaining Interest Among B2B Media Buyers

B2B media buyers and planners are gaining comfort with programmatic options, per a recently-released survey [download page] from Kantar Media SRDS and Connectiv. Conducted among 150 B2B media buyers and planners with access to the SRDS Business Media Advertising Source, the survey indicates that almost 2 in 3 buy digital display advertising programmatically for B2B […]

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US Adults Are Familiar With PR and Product Placement, In the Dark About Content and Native

The vast majority of US adults are very or somewhat familiar with social media (88%) and public relations (73%) and a majority are also familiar with product placement (56%) and editorial content (52%), per survey results from The Harris Poll. But terms like content marketing (29% familiar), earned media (15%) and native advertising (15%) leave […]

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