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CRM Software Users Rate Their Biggest Challenges

Most CRM users are satisfied with their product and about three-quarters feel that it has improved access to customer data, finds Software Advice in a new survey. A majority of users also feel that their system has delivered when it comes to improved relationship management, interaction tracking and lead management. But, as the study results […]

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Top 15 Local Markets by Smartphone Penetration

Source: Nielsen [download page] Notes: Smartphone adoption stood at 72% of Americans mobile subscribers aged 13 and older in May, per Nielsen’s report – with Orlando sporting the highest penetration rate (82%) of the local markets measured. Dallas – the leading market 6 months earlier – joins a group of other markets (Dallas, Miami, Houston, […]

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What Various Industries Want Most From Their Digital Initiatives

Source: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Notes: Depending on the industry, between 51% (utilities) and 90% (media and entertainment) of large enterprises see digital initiatives as being at least of major importance to their market and financial success in the next 5 years. The capabilities that are most desired from digital initiatives range across industries; for […]

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Female Empty Nesters Say They’re Heavily Influenced by W-O-M, Reviews

Female “empty nesters” (defined as women over 45 without children under 18 in the household) are prone to seeking out reviews online and offline and are strongly influenced by what they find, details a new report from Influence Central conducted in partnership with Vibrant Nation. Indeed, almost all respondents said they seek out online reviews […]

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How Are Large Enterprises Allocating Their Digital Dollars?

Roughly 7 in 10 large enterprises consider digital initiatives to be either the “most important factor” (14.5%) or “of major importance” (55.1%) to their financial success in the next 5 years, finds Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in a recent study. The survey – fielded among 820 respondents at companies in 4 major regions with mean […]

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