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SMBs Devoting More Marketing Dollars to Customer Acquisition Than Retention »

From SMBs Devoting More Marketing Dollars to Customer Acquisition Than Retention »

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Mobile Now One-Third of Google Organic Search Visits

Source: RKG [download page] Notes: Mobile’s 33% of Google search visits in Q1 2014 represented only a slight uptick from Q4 2013 (32%), but a more robust rise from 27% share during the year-earlier period. During Q1 2014, Yahoo actually saw a larger share (36%) of organic search visits come from mobile than Google. Overall, […]

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Cable Companies Now Have as Many Broadband as Pay-TV Subscribers

Source: Leichtman Research Group Notes: While the rate of cord-cutting slowed last year, cable companies shed almost 2 million pay-TV subscribers while adding more than 2 million broadband internet subscribers. As a result, they now have roughly an equal number of broadband (49.3 million) and pay-TV (49.6 million) subscribers. Overall, the top multi-channel video providers […]

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Half of Americans Don’t Trust the Ads They’re Exposed To

Only 3% of Americans completely trust the advertisements they see, read or hear, while 11% don’t trust them at all, according to the results of a survey conducted by YouGov. The survey found that among American adults who see any advertising at least once a month, 44% find them to be fairly (37%) or very […]

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Consumers Report More Privacy Breaches, Little Faith in Marketers

A pair of new studies highlight a growing problem for marketers: at a time when an explosion of data is offering marketers an array of new possibilities, consumers are reporting more privacy breaches and a low level of trust in marketers to protect their data. The Pew Research Center notes a growing share of online […]

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Brands’ Most Engaging Facebook Posts are Almost Always Photos

Source: Socialbakers Notes: Three-quarters of the more than 1 million brand posts monitored by Socialbakers between February 24 and March 24 were photos, with links (10%), status posts (6%) and videos (4%) less common. While photos receive the highest average number of interactions per post, they only narrowly beat videos among brand pages with less […]

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