2 in 3 Users Say Twitter Influences Purchases

by MarketingCharts staff

1 in 3 Online Consumers Follow 5 or More Retailers/Products on Twitter

compete-product-brand-following-on-twitter-jun11.gifA combined 31% of online consumers follow five or more retailers and/or products on Twitter. Twelve percent of these follow six to 10 products, with 9% following five, 5% following 11-30, and 6% following more than 30.

1 in 10 Online Consumers Use Retailer Feeds

compete-twitter-feed-read-june-2011.JPGAmong overall online consumers, use of retailer Twitter feeds remains low. Ten percent of online consumers reported following at least one retailer Twitter feed in spring 2011, down 10% from 11% in spring 2010.

6 in 10 Use Retailer Feeds for Sale Info

twitter-sales-june-2011.JPGOf Twitter users who follow retailer feeds, about six in 10 (58.7%) do so to keep up to date on sales and promotions. This is far and away the most popular reason to follow a retailer’s Twitter feed. Learning more about a specific retailer comes in a distant second (32.9%), and is about 45% less popular with retail feed users overall.

Facebook Results Similar

The study also looked at how online consumers use retailer/product pages on Facebook, with some generally similar results. The study shows a combined 55.8% of online consumers rate Facebook pages influential (32.9%), very influential (16.7%) or extremely influential (6.2%) in making purchases from the retailer or consumer goods company behind the page.

In addition, survey results show more than half (56.2%) of Facebook retailer/product page users say they visit the Facebook page of a retailer/consumer product company to keep up to date on sales and promotions. This is almost double the percentage who gives the second-most-popular answer, learning about a specific retailer (29%).

About the Data: Data was compiled from a survey of 3,269 online purchasers between in April 15 and May 5, 2011.