Across 8 Major Markets, Tablet Share of Web Traffic Exceeds Smartphone Share

by MarketingCharts staff

Among the countries tracked, the UK had the highest share of tablet traffic (12.2%), driving it also to the highest overall mobile share of traffic (19.6%). Next in line, the US, at 16.5% share, with the majority of that (9.1% overall) from tablets. Other markets sporting a higher share of traffic from tablets than smartphones were Canada (8.7% vs. 6.8%), France (6.1% vs. 3.5%), and Germany (5.7% vs. 4.3%), while the opposite was true in Japan (7.4% vs. 9.2%) and China (3.1% vs. 5.9%). Smartphone and tablet share of traffic are almost equal in Australia (7.8% and 7.7%, respectively).

The Adobe data reveals that across the 8 markets, retail websites get the highest share of tablet traffic, easily exceeding smartphone traffic, although Monetate data (predominantly covering the US) shows that tablets have not quite caught up to smartphones in e-commerce site visits.

Adobe’s data also indicates that tablets account for more traffic than smartphones to auto sites, while smartphones edge them in traffic to other categories such as travel, media, CPG, and financial services.