Another Peak for Online Video Ads in April

by MarketingCharts staff

Overall, 84.7% of online Americans (181.9 million) watched 38.8 billion online content videos in April. The duration of the average content video was 5.6 minutes, with the average online video ad lasting 24 seconds. Both of those remained unchanged from the previous month.

Google keeps setting its own records, serving more than 2.4 billion ads in April, up from its previous high of more than 2.3 billion in March, which in turn had bested February’s high. BrightRoll (2.2 billion) wasn’t far behind, as 6 properties in total exceeded the 1 billion mark.

Other Findings:

  • Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, remained the top online video content property with 154.6 million unique viewers, up from 153.9 million in March. Facebook was next with 62.7 million, followed by VEVO (52.9 million), NDN (45.3 million) and Yahoo! Sites (45.1 million). The top 3 rankings were the same as in March, although in April NDN overtook Yahoo for the fourth spot.
  • Google Sites generated the largest amount of video views (13 billion), while Facebook continued its own streak of records, reaching almost 741 million, compared to previous highs of 706 million in March and 558 million in February.
  • Hulu delivered the highest frequency of video ads to viewers again, this time at 63.
  • VEVO retained its top spot in the YouTube partner rankings, followed by FullScreen and Maker Studios.