“Brand Connected Consumers” Want Their Social Feedback Recognized

by MarketingCharts staff
That’s important, given separate survey results indicating that 70% of consumers will stop buying from a brand if it fails to respond to a negative post about it.

Brand-connected consumers do appear confident that their voices are seen and valued. Roughly 8 in 10 believe that brands see their posts on social network pages and review sites, and a similar proportion believe brands value the information they provide in those locations.

Other Findings:

  • 25% of the time that a consumer is less than satisfied with an online exchange with a brand, they will stop buying products or services from the brand.
  • Conversely, when consumers are satisfied, 4 in 10 claim to purchase significantly more of the brand’s products and services, and 2 in 10 will buy something from the brand for the first time.

About the Data: The data is based on a survey of 300 general population respondents, of whom 84 counted as brand-connected consumers after weeding out duplicate submissions, error-filled submissions, and non-connected consumers.