Clothes, Books Reported Most Popular US Purchases on Mobile Devices

by MarketingCharts staff

1 in 5 Shop on Overseas Sites; Security Fears Prevalent

Data from WorldPay’s “Global Online Shopper Report” indicates that 22% of the US respondents shop on overseas websites, although they do have concerns about doing so. Chief among these are concerns about fraud/protecting their identity (60%), the cost of shipping/delivery (58%), concerns about shipping/delivery (57%), and worries about payment security (50%).

59% of the respondents have concerns about online shopping security, with 18% having experienced online fraud. Security concerns were also found to be a key hindrance to the 40% of mobile owners who don’t intend to shop with a smartphone or tablet device. Other reasons included not seeing a need to use the device, and concerns about viruses and spyware.

According to a survey released in November 2011 by Motricity, security and usability concerns were the top mobile shopping deterrents, each cited by 32% of the respondents.

Other Findings:

  • The most popular payment methods among US online consumers are credit cards (76%), PayPal (54%), and debit cards (50%).
  • Profiling the highest spender, the report identifies this person as a 26-year old female.
  • US respondents cite unexpected costs (62%) and just browsing (47%) as their main reasons for shopping cart abandonment, both more prevalent than the global averages, of 56% and 37%, respectively.
  • Looking at mobile shopping attitudes, the report found that mobile optimized websites were preferred over shopping applications (32% vs. 18%).

About the Data: The WorldPay data is based on an online survey conducted in January and February 2012 of 19,000 global consumers who had shopped online within the past 6 months. The shoppers were drawn from: China (2,000); Germany (1,000); the US (2,000); Spain (1,000); Finland (1,000); France (1,000); Japan (1,000); Russia (1,000); Brazil (2,000); the UK (1,000); Mexico (1,000); Australia (1,000); Canada (1,000); Argentina (1,000); and India (2,000).