Content Consumption May Rely More on Environment and Context Than Device

by MarketingCharts staff

Consumption of written content such as articles, which account for about half of media consumption on each device, also mostly takes place in the home, though smartphones are more likely to be used on the go to access this media type. The study also reveals that generally speaking, desire for different content genres is unaffected by device type.

The researchers also examine ad engagement, comparing video advertising (pre-rolls) to banner advertising. In each brand metric and across each device, pre-rolls proved far more effective than banner ads. Overall, pre-rolls generated 3.5 times higher recall (78% vs. 23%), 2.5 times higher favorability (40% vs. 16%), 2.2 times higher brand association (44% vs. 20%), and 2.1 times higher purchase intent (23% vs. 11%). (For what it’s worth, Sharethrough recently found native video ads to perform better than pre-rolls in brand lift.)

Other Findings:

  • Tablets tend to be used more like laptops than smartphones, used for lean-back entertainment and product investigation primarily at home.
  • Smartphones were more likely than the other devices to be used out of the home for quick, task-based outcomes, and with lower purchase consideration.
  • Even so, smartphone users adopted a more “lean-back” attitude when using them at home.

About the Data: The data is based on a 1,500 person UK-focused quantitative and qualitative research study that spanned 3 phases of fieldwork.