Emails That Include Social Sharing Icons Sport Higher CTRs

by MarketingCharts staff

Among those email marketers including social sharing buttons, virtually all (almost 99%) included a Facebook share icon, while 90% used Twitter icons (double last year’s 45.3%), and 68.1% used a LinkedIn sharing icon (up from 8.5%).

Those marketers may have been paying attention to last year’s results, which showed that the CTR for emails that included a LinkedIn sharing button was highest, at 9.6%. This year, LinkedIn again led in CTR (7.9%) for emails shared on specific social networks, ahead of Facebook and Twitter (each at 6.2%), Google+ (5.3%) and Pinterest (5%). Those latter, emerging networks, were used by 42% and 46% of email marketers using social sharing icons, respectively.

Overall, of those including social sharing icons in their emails, 76% used at least 3, while 15% included 2 and 11% chose to include only 1. That represents somewhat of a sea change from last year’s results, in which half included only 1 icon, while only 7.5% used 3 or more.

GetResponse found that although CTR results were high for social emails, there was only a comparatively small number of actual shares per 10,000 emails. This year, Twitter took the lead (42, up from last year’s 7), followed by Facebook (31, up from 23), Pinterest (4), Google+ (3), and LinkedIn (0.3).