Facebook Maintains Leading Share of Social Logins in Q3; Google Closes Gap in B2B Vertical

by MarketingCharts staff
The smaller players picked up the slack, with Yahoo’s share up 0.5% points to 7.1%, followed by Twitter (up 0.8% points to 6.5%), LinkedIn (up 0.4% points to 2.4%), and Microsoft (up 0.7% points to 1.9%). The share of logins held by the aggregate of all others inched up 0.3% points to 4.2%.

Facebook led all other social networks and email providers across the industry verticals examined, which include media, retail, entertainment and gaming, B2B, consumer brands, and music-related sites. Some highlights from those verticals include:

  • Google’s share of logins in the B2B space jumping 4% points to 26%, tying it for the second spot with LinkedIn (down 3% points), not far behind Facebook (33% share);
  • Facebook extended its lead over Google in the retail vertical, with the former up 2% points to 61% share and the latter down 2% points to 23% share;
  • Facebook’s share of entertainment and gaming site logins dipping a couple of points to 60% share, but still far surpassing next-placed Google (20%);
  • Facebook and Google trading 3% share of logins in the music vertical, with the former dropping to 60% share and the latter up to 18% share, closely followed by Twitter (16% share); and
  • Facebook consolidating its lead in the consumer brands space, up 2% points to 55% share, ahead of Google’s 28% share.