Few Marketers Aware of IAB’s Rising Stars Units

by MarketingCharts staff

Among both marketers and agencies who were aware of the Rising Stars, the “Pushdown” and “Billboard” formats generated the highest levels of awareness, followed by the “Slider” format. Yet only 40% of agencies aware of the units (and 25% of the marketers aware of them) were able to name all 6, according to study.

Other Findings:

  • Roughly one-third of the agencies polled who were aware of the units said they had not used any before.
  • Among those who had not deployed any Rising Stars, the key reason was cost, followed by distribution limitations.
  • Of those agencies aware of the units, 74% said they were very (37%) or somewhat (37%) likely to buy them this year.
  • Among the agencies that deployed them in 2012, 58% said they would increase their spending on the units this year.

About the Data: The study was fielded online from January 15 – 30, 2013. The sample included marketers, agency members, and publishers representing leading US advertisers from a diverse array of industries. Respondent incentives included gift cards, charitable donations and a first-look at the results. Overall sample sizes included 133 marketer, 546 agency, and 100 publisher contacts.