“Generation C” No Stranger to Mobile Purchases

by MarketingCharts staff

Nielsen has dubbed the 18-34 demographic as “Generation C” for its constant connectivity, and described them as uniquely embracing all things digital. While Generation C represents 23% of the US population (US Census data), it represented an outsized portion of online video consumption (27%), social networking and blog sites visits (27%), tablet ownership (33%) and smartphone use (39%), as of February 2012.

Mobile For Recommendations

Half of the RadiumOne survey respondents used that connectivity (their smartphones specifically) to share coupons, sales and ads with friends. 31% reported doing so 1-3 times per month, 16% did so 3-6 times per month,and 3% more than six times. This number is especially significant, as 79% also responded that their mobile purchases are driven largely by personal recommendations.

Fully 47% of Gen C respondents reported having clicked on a mobile ad in the previous 3 months, and 55% had used their mobile devices to comparison shop at least once per week, including 22% who claimed to comparison shop using their mobile device more than 3 times a week.

Video ads seem to be a smart bet to reach this demographic, as 39% of respondents viewed 1-5 videos per day on their smartphones and 9% viewed 5+ videos. Cross-media campaigns also seem worthwhile, as 37% reported using a smartphone and 19% using a tablet computer while watching TV.

About The Data: RadiumOne conducted a survey of more than 500 mobile users in October 2012.