1 in 2 Email Opens Said to Occur on a Mobile Device During Q2

by MarketingCharts staff

The Experian report segments its email data into 5 distinct segments:

  • Mobile-only (subscribers who only opened on a mobile device);
  • Desktop-only (subscribers who opened only on a desktop, typically through a client such as Outlook);
  • Webmail-only (subscribers who opened via a webmail service only, typically through a desktop with any free service, such as Gmail);
  • Mobile-combo (subscribers who opened 2 or more times, at least one of which was on a mobile device); and
  • Other (subscribers who opened 2 or more times, at least one of which was on webmail and at least one of which was on desktop).

The desktop-only and webmail-only segments each represented 23% of unique opens for the period, although the webmail-only segment accounted for an outsized 35% of unique clicks. When it came to transactions, webmail was easily the leader, at 48% share, followed by desktop (25%).

Experian-Email-Engagement-Revenue-by-Segment-inQ2-Sept2013Interestingly, the mobile-combo segment represented a higher share of transactions (12%) than unique clicks (6%) and unique opens (3%). Indeed, subscribers who opened on 2 platforms were the most engaged, with the mobile-combo segment sporting a 31% click-to-open (CTO) rate and the “other” segment not far behind at 26%. Webmail-only subscribers had a 23% CTO rate, with desktop-only subscribers at 13% and mobile-only subscribers at 12%.

Recently, Yesmail Interactive revealed that among its clients during Q2, average email click-to-open rates were twice as high on desktops as on mobiles.

Returning to the Experian study, the mobile-combo segment also generated a higher revenue-per-unique-opener ($1.28) than any other segment, with mobile-only ($0.10) subscribers bringing up the rear.

Other Findings:

  • The iPhone represented 68% of unique mobile opens and 57% of unique mobile clicks, but only 40% of transactions on mobile.
  • The iPad accounted for 15% of unique mobile opens and 15% of unique clicks, while representing an outsized 48% of mobile transactions.

About the Data: The study includes results from 5 million openers in response to 29 campaigns sent from 7 brands in the past twelve months.