Instagram the 10th-Largest US Smartphone App by Reach

by MarketingCharts staff

Google Search (52.2% reach) follows, with Pandora Radio (48.2%) and YouTube (48%) rounding out the top 5 apps by reach.

Granted, the figures are for adult iOS and Android users only – but those 2 platforms combined represent more than 90% of the smartphone market. And when it comes to Instagram’s position, including the younger audience would probably boost its reach figure, given its young user base.

When it comes to what comScore calls the “mobile media audience” – smartphone browsing plus app usage – Facebook cedes the top spot to Google Sites, which reigns as the top property with 88% audience reach. Google is retaining its fairly significant lead over Yahoo Sites (77.9% reach) among the top 10 smartphone properties while running slightly behind Yahoo in desktop visitors.

Another indication that Americans enjoy shopping on their smartphones: Amazon Sites ranks as the 4th-largest smartphone property, with 65.3% reach among the mobile media audience. It was essentially a dead heat for 5th between Apple (49.6%) and AOL (49.5%) during the 3-month period.

comScore-Smartphone-Share-of-Mobile-Subscriber-Market-Oct2011-Oct2013-Dec2013Meanwhile, smartphone penetration continues to rise, up 0.5% points from the previous month to reach 62.5% of the mobile market. At this time last year, penetration was at 51.9%, and the year before, at 38.5% – underscoring just how rapidly smartphones have proliferated.

Android’s 52.2% share of the smartphone market was a slight step up from its 51.8% share during the 3-month average ending in July. Apple’s share also inched up by a hair, adding 0.2% points to 40.6%.

With that 40.6% share, Apple maintained its considerable lead over Samsung among OEMs, despite the latter’s 1.3% point increase to 25.4% market share. HTC moved 1.3% points also, but in the opposite direction, to 6.7% share.