Is Yahoo’s Digital Audience Now Bigger Than Google’s?

by MarketingCharts staff

The mobile-only unique visitor count has not been released yet, and probably will not be until early next week, according to a representative from comScore. (This article will be updated when those numbers are released. Update: new comScore figures indicate that Google Sites had far greater reach among smartphone owners than Yahoo! Sites in July.) But earlier mobile-only figures from comScore suggest that it will be a close race when taking into account that audience.

Back in February, for example, comScore’s figures showed that including mobile-only figures boosted Google’s total digital audience by 16%. The same percentage for Yahoo! was 13%. Last month, though, data provided to MarketingCharts by comScore showed that Yahoo! Sites’ incremental mobile-only audience was actually larger than Google’s (13% and 12%, respectively).

Given that the July data shows Yahoo! Sites’ audience to be just 2% larger than Google’s, those fluctuations will likely determine which property actually had the largest digital audience.

But even if Google does come out on top with the mobile-only count included, there’s another factor to take into account: comScore is still not counting TUMBLR’s 38.4 million unique visitors into the Yahoo! Sites total audience figure. As a result, Yahoo’s rise cannot be attributed to that acquisition. (And with it included, there’s almost no doubt that Yahoo’s audience is bigger.)

(According to a report on MarketingLand, comScore believes the ranking change could likely be the result of “normal seasonal/month-to-month fluctuations,” given how close the properties have been in recent months. MarketingLand also reports that the last time Yahoo took the top spot (mobile-only count excluded) was in May 2011.)

Other Findings:

  • Three site categories enjoyed a 16% month-over-month increase in unique visitors in July: services – coupons (to 56.2 million); lifestyles – beauty/fashion/style (to 68.1 million); and reatil – jewelry/luxury goods/accessories (to 19.4 million).
  • Yahoo! Sites (87.2%) edged ShareThis (87.1%) as the top syndicated ad focus entity in July. Outbrain was third, reaching 85.6% of online Americans.
  • Google Ad Network was the top ad or buy-side network, with 93.8% reach, followed by AT&T AdWorks (85.5%) and AOL Advertising (85.4%).
  • Among DSP/SSP/ad exchange entities, Rubicon Project REVV Platform was again on top, with 94.8% reach.