Live Streaming Video Captivates PC, Connected TV Audience

by MarketingCharts staff
Tablet TV viewers spent less time – 15 minutes – per play during Q2, although that was 4 times longer than the time they spent watching video on-demand. Mobile phone audiences watched live video for almost twice as long as they did on-demand video.

The study contains a host of interesting data surrounding online video viewing habits. Some of the key statistics are highlighted below:

  • Mobile viewers spent more than 20% of their time streaming content over an hour in length, while tablet viewers spent almost one-third of their time with content of that length.
  • Mobile video plays peaked on Friday and Saturday nights between 8 and 10PM.
  • Tablet video views reached their peak on Friday night. Most views during the week occurred in the 9-10PM time slot, although there was a consistent spike in viewing observed at 7AM.
  • Mobile and tablet viewing combined represented 13% of all online video plays, up from roughly 10% in Q1.
  • More than half of the time spent watching PC video was for short-form content less than 6 minutes long.
  • PC video views decreased on the weekend, while peaking at noon during the workweek.
  • Connected TV viewers spent 45% of their time watching content longer than a half-hour in length.

About the Data: The data sample used in Ooyala’s report covers the second quarter of 2013, from April 1 through June 30. All data was taken from an anonymous cross-section of Ooyala’s global customer and partner database—an array of broadcasters, studios, cable operators, print publications, media companies and enterprises.

These firms broadcast video to over 130 different countries from more than 6,000 unique domains. Nearly 200 million unique viewers watch an Ooyala- powered video every month.

The data sample is not intended to represent the entire Internet, or all online video viewers.