Many Sites Said Not Maximizing Potential of Internal Links

by MarketingCharts staff

Most Internal Anchor Text 1-3 Words

The study also looked at how websites implement anchor text, comparing the distribution by number of words for internal and external links. 77% of internal links were 1-3 words in length, with a plurality being 2 words (32%). This compares to 53% of external links between 1 to 3 words in length, with a plurality being 1 word (19%). On the other end of the spectrum, just 16% of internal links were 5 or more words, compared to 35% of external links.

Privacy Terms Most Common

Ranking the most common words used in internal anchor text, the study found that privacy policy/privacy terms were the most widespread, followed by contact us/contact and terms and conditions/terms of service/terms of use. Rounding out the top 5 were email and sitemap/site map. Of note, all the top 20 most-commonly used anchor text were between 1 and 3 words in length. Insight from the study suggests that by building in more long-tail anchor text, marketers may be able to rank for more specific, longer tail queries.

About the Data: The domains were analyzed in Searchlight, Conductor’s enterprise SEO platform.