Marketers, Seeing A Changing Landscape, Recognize Need For Data Analysis Skills

by MarketingCharts staff
Tied for second place: the ability to generate insights about the drivers of consumer behavior from multiple data sources (32%).

Indeed, a significant proportion of marketers believe that harnessing complex data sets has become a critical success factor.

While comfort with data is crucial, marketers feel that their organizations don’t yet have the requisite talent. Asked the 3 biggest obstacles to their organization adopting a more effective digital marketing strategy, 45% pointed to a lack of capacity for analyzing big data. That was the second most commonly cited hindrance after inadequate budgets for digital marketing and database management (50%).

Still, respondents seem to be frequently engaging in a range of data analytics activities. At least 6 in 10 claim to “always” or “often”:

  • integrate different types of consumer from different sources into a centralized database (73%);
  • analyze consumer preferences revealed through online and offline behaviors (60%);
  • use predictive analytics to anticipate consumer behaviors (62%); and
  • use the findings of data analysis to develop actionable insights for the overall marketing strategy (64%).

About the Data: The survey was conducted in March 2013 among 257 executives from 6 industries.