Mid-Rolls Perform Best Among Rising Video Ad Completion Rates

by MarketingCharts staff

Ad Engagement Higher in Long-Form Content

Data from the “2012 Adobe Digital Video Advertising Report” indicates that in-stream video ads in general had about a 20% higher completion rate when viewed in long-form content (76%) as opposed to short-form (defined as content less than 5 minutes in length – 63%). This is supported by the Vindico research (see link above), which found that ads placed during long-form content had an 88% completion rate, 16% higher than the 76% completion rate for ads placed during short-form content (videos lasting less than 10 minutes).

Professional Content Also More Engaging

The Adobe study also finds that ads appearing in professional content (72%) have a 14% higher completion rate than those appearing in user-generated content (UGC – 63%). This is despite there being a much higher volume of ads served during professional content than in UGC. Indeed, in H2, an average of 5.5 ads were viewed per stream during long-form professional content, compared to an average of just 0.6 ads per stream for long-form UGC. For short-form content, professional content viewers watched an average of 3.4 ads per stream, compare to an average of 0.4 for UGC viewers.

Other Findings:

  • The completion rate for ads served during live content was 85%, 23% higher than with ads during video-on-demand (VOD – 69%).
  • CTR was higher for VOD than live content ads (2.17% vs. 0.43%). For benchmarking purposes, data from a MediaMind report released in April indicates that users are about 200 times more likely to click on in-stream ads than standard banner ads (2.15% vs. 0.010%).
  • The MediaMind report also indicates that 70% of in-stream ads are completed, while 75% play three-quarters of the duration.

About the Data: The Adobe findings are based on a study of roughly 2.5 billion video ad impressions in the second half of 2011.