Mobile CTRs Peak in Summer Months for Travel Advertisers

by MarketingCharts staff

Kindle Fire Traffic Slows in April

Data from the Jumptap April “Simple Targeting & Audience Trends” (STAT) report indicates that after reaching 33% of tablet traffic in January 2012, the share of tablet traffic on the network represented by the Kindle Fire slowed, declining to 29% in February, 28% in March, and 22% in April. The iPad saw a corresponding increase, jumping from 48% share in January to 57% in February, 58% in March, and 65% in April.

Democrats Get Social

Taking a look at how Democrats and Republicans use their mobile devices, the report finds that Democrats are 10% more likely to be using social networking and entertainment sites, whereas Republicans are 20% more likely to be using news and weather sites. In other party divides, Democrats are 43% more likely to use their device late at night, between 11 PM and 2 AM, while Republicans are 39% more likely to use theirs between 5 and 10 PM.

Other Findings:

  • Looking at 12 cities across the US, Jumptap determined that iOS use is most highly concentrated in San Francisco and New York, both at 68% of mobile users.
  • Montgomery, AL, and Baltimore, MD had the highest percentage of mobile users using Android, both at 53%.