Mobile Share of Web Traffic Jumped in Q4 2012

by MarketingCharts staff
That trend doesn’t appear to be easing, either. Results from a Prosper Mobile Insights survey released this month showed that 34.7% of American smartphone and tablet owners surveyed said they would spend more time this year with their devices, compared to just 5.7% who said they would spend less. Although a plurality of mobile time is spent texting, connected activities such as social networking and browser access account for more than 10% of mobile time, according to Nielsen.

It’s worth noting that the Walker Sands figures are higher than those from StatCounter, which estimated mobile’s share of December web traffic to be 14.5% globally and 13.6% in the US.

Apple Reigns in Platform Breakdown

The Walker Sands report also breaks down mobile traffic by platform, finding that 35% of traffic in Q4 2012 came from the iPhone, up 4% points from 31% share a year earlier. The share of traffic generated from the iPad grew by 1% point, to 17%, meaning that iOS devices accounted for a majority 52% share of mobile traffic.

Android and BlackBerry moved in the opposite direction, with the former down 3% points to 43% share, and the latter down 2% points to 2% share.