SMB Followers on Twitter Looking for Updates, Interaction

by MarketingCharts staff

According to the results, 85% of SMB followers say they feel more connected with the businesses after following them. While that’s an encouraging sign, one wonders how difficult it would be for a business to make a new follower feel less connected to it.

Nevertheless, when connecting with SMBs on Twitter, about 8 in 10 said they felt their message was received. The survey doesn’t go into any detail about whether or not those messages were responded to: recent data suggests that users looking to connect with brands on Twitter should expect a response less than half the time.

The study stresses the positive nature of these interactions, though, noting that 70% of followers retweeted because they liked the SMB’s content, 64% have mentioned an SMB to share a positive experience, and 54% have @replied to share a positive experience.

Twitter has been releasing some studies recently touting the performance of Promoted Tweets, suggesting that they fuel offline sales for CPG brands and can lead to a variety of improved brand metrics. So it’s no surprise that this latest study offers a couple of statistics related to the paid product: 34% of followers interacted with an SMB after seeing an ad with the business’ Twitter handle advertised; and 32% said they’re more likely to follow an SMB if they saw a promoted tweet for the business that was relevant to them.

About the Data: The survey was fielded in May 2013.