Social Recommendations Drive Mobile Video Discovery

by MarketingCharts staff
According to a study released last year by Unruly, viewers enjoy online videos they discover from a recommendation more than ones they discover through browsing.

Turning to the demographics of mobile video viewers, the Telly study reveals that men are 37% more likely than women to say they watch video on their devices (41% vs. 30%), and those with a household income of more than $75,000 are 50% more likely than those under that threshold to count themselves as mobile video viewers (42% vs. 28%). Predictably, 18-34-year-olds (65%) are far more likely to watch mobile video than any other age group, with 35-44-year-olds relatively far back at 43% adoption.

Among those who aren’t watching video on their mobile device, the main reason cited, by 62%, is a simple lack of interest. Other, less prevalent reasons, include the screen being too small (28%), and worries about battery drain (18%) or the cost of streaming data (17%).

About the Data: The survey was conducted online within the US between April 22-24 among 2,066 adults aged 18 and older, of whom 1,879 were identified as mobile device owners. Figures for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and household income were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population.