Tablets Users Seen Heavy Consumers of Gaming Apps

by MarketingCharts staff

Instead, consumption of book and video apps seems to be dominated by medium-sized phones (3.5″ – 4.9″). These phones, which account for 72% of active users and 76% of sessions, represent an outsized 83% of time spent with books and 85% of time spent with video.

The researchers suggest that one reason smartphones over-index in video app use is that consumers use them to watch videos on-the-go, while choosing TVs or computers over tablets when at home. Still, Flurry expects tablets to grow their share of time spent with video and book apps over time.

Other Findings:

  • While representing 16% of device models in the market and 7% of active users, small smartphones (<3.5″) accounted for only 4% of sessions.
  • Phablets (5″-6.9″) account for just 2% of device models, 3% of active users, and 3% of sessions, leading Flurry to pronounce them just a “fad.”