Twitter’s Users Find Its Ads Moderately Effective

by MarketingCharts staff

Overall, 13% of the Twitter users surveyed said they often watch videos within expanded tweets, with males more likely to do so than females (16.2% vs. 11.4%). Another 30% sometimes watch them, and 30% rarely do, leaving 27% who report never having done so.

While receptiveness to Twitter ads may be somewhat lukewarm, respondents still seem to be more favorable to them than video ads. Among all survey respondents (not just Twitter users – who represented about half of the sample), only 5% said they believe ads before or during online videos are very effective, while 21% find them not to be effective at all. Again, though, respondents who watch videos on Twitter tend to be more receptive to these ads: 12% find online video ads to be very effective, and 47% believe them to be somewhat effective (versus 36% overall).

About the Data: The data is based on a survey of 400 individuals.