US Mobile Video Viewers Happy to Watch Long-Form Content

by MarketingCharts staff

Asked which of 4 options they would prefer given 2 hours to watch video on their mobile phone, a plurality 47% of respondents chose the option to watch a single movie, with 8% saying they would watch 4 serial TV episodes. By comparison, 25% would watch multiple short movie scenes, and 20% would watch multiple song clips.

The results suggest a burgeoning market for OTT service providers such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, but also means that pay-TV providers stand to benefit from increased awareness of “TV Everywhere” options.

Meanwhile, the Vuclip survey finds that video buffers are US respondents’ biggest concern with watching longer videos on their phones, ahead of other concerns such as lack of content availability and cost. Recent data from Akamai suggests that online video viewers have more patience for pre-roll ads than they do for slow-loading content.

About the Data: The survey was conducted between September 24 and October 1.