ONLINE MEDIA | July 29, 2014

US Android Smartphone Users’ App Activity, by Time of Day

    Source: Strategy Analytics
      Notes: Some 39% of Android smartphone users' daily application activity takes place between the hours of 5PM and midnight, per data from Strategy Analytics' AppOptix platform. The analysis suggests that app engagement tends to pick up in the afternoon and evening hours, as 26% share of app activity occurs during the afternoon (12-5PM) hours. While the morning hours see the least amount of engagement overall, certain categories such as news, weather and sports-related apps do see their highest levels of engagement in the morning. Continue reading »
      TRADITIONAL MEDIA | July 29, 2014

      Which Brands Have the Best Buzz Among Millennials?

        Source: YouGov
          Notes: Google tops the buzz rankings for the first half of this year among US Millennials; research released late last year also found Google to be Millennials' "most-loved" brand. Nike,, YouTube and Apple round out the top 5 Buzz Rankings among US Millennials. Meanwhile, Nike and Samsung hold the top 2 positions among both Hispanics and African-Americans, with Apple also in the top 5 for both groups. Continue reading »

          Q2 E-Commerce Trends: Mobile Traffic Grows; Paid Search Remains Valuable

          July 28, 2014

          MarketLive-E-Commerce-Trends-by-Device-Q2-2014-July2014Smartphone traffic to online merchants continues to grow, but tablet traffic remains more valuable, according to the latest quarterly performance index from MarketLive, providing further support to the notion that smartphones are for research, tablets for purchases. The MarketLive study indicates that smartphones alone accounted for almost 1 in 4 visits to the tracked merchants during Q2 2014, up more than 50% from a year earlier. But despite being behind in traffic, tablets accounted for almost twice as much revenue as smartphones. Read more »


          Loyalty Programs: Which Incentives Do Users Find Attractive?

          July 28, 2014

          TechnologyAdvice-Appeal-Loyalty-Program-Benefits-July2014US loyalty program users are considerably more likely to participate in loyalty programs to save money than to receive rewards, finds a survey conducted by TechnologyAdvice. Of the options listed, almost 6 in 10 respondents chose "saving money" as their primary motivation for participating in loyalty programs, compared to close to 4 in 10 saying they use the programs to receive rewards. Respondents did not have a clear preference for card-based or digital programs, though. Read more »

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