ONLINE MEDIA | April 22, 2014

Marketing Budget Shifts From Traditional to Digital Media Might Be Slowing

SoDA-Digital-Marketing-Budget-Projections-Apr2014Over the past couple of years there has been a growing body of research demonstrating a shift in marketing spending from traditional to digital media (examples here and here). But new signs are emerging suggesting that the pace of that shift is slowing: Duke University's most recent CMO Survey found pessimism around future traditional ad spend easing, while a new report from the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) reveals that one-quarter of global client marketers this year planning to reallocate existing budgets into digital, down from 39% last year. Continue reading »
TRADITIONAL MEDIA | April 22, 2014

Streaming and Cord-Cutting: Is There A Link?

Centris-Cord-Cutting-Intentions-Streamers-Apr2014Conventional wisdom would have it that consumers who stream video are more likely to cancel their pay-TV services. But a couple of new reports offer mixed signals about the link between streaming and cord-cutting. On the one hand, data from Centris Marketing Science suggests that pay-TV households who stream TV series are actually less likely to cancel their pay-TV subscriptions than those who don't stream. On the other hand, a report from Experian Marketing Services [download page] finds that households with Netflix or Hulu accounts are more likely than average to have cut the cord. Continue reading »

Digital Estimated to Capture Almost Half of US Adults’ Daily Media Time

April 22, 2014


    Source: eMarketer
      Notes: The eMarketer estimate sees digital media occupying 47.1% of US adults' daily media time this year, on par with the combination of TV (36.5%) and radio (10.9%). TV remains the single most-consumed medium, averaging 4 hours and 28 minutes per day, though that figure varies widely by age group. The fastest growth is attributed to mobile non-voice activities, projected to capture almost one-quarter of daily media time this year, up from about one-fifth last year. Meanwhile, print is down to only 3.5% of daily time, less than half of 2010's total (7.7%). Read more »


      Facebook Q1 Mobile Ad Spend and KPIs, by Unit Type

      April 22, 2014


        Source: Nanigans [download page]
          Notes: Almost three-quarters of Facebook mobile ad spending was directed at mobile application install ads in Q1. Page post ads represented 3% of impressions, but picked up almost 8% of clicks, with a CPM ($9.38) almost twice as high as the other mobile ad formats. Meanwhile, on desktops, 81% share of ad spending was allocated to News Feed units, with Unpublished Page Post (UPP) units alone capturing 47% of total spend. Nanigans notes that UPP units earn an ROI that is on average 200% higher than Right Hand Side (RHS) domain ads. Read more »

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