ONLINE MEDIA | April 21, 2014

Facebook Ads: Women, Older Age Groups Best-Monetizing Demos in Q1

Nanigans-Facebook-Ad-KPIs-by-Demo-in-Q1-Apr2014Roughly one-quarter of ad spending aimed at Facebook users aged 18-64 was directed to the 18-24 bracket in Q1, according to a report [download page] from Nanigans. That figure should perhaps have been lower, as the 18-24 demographic proved the worst-monetizing group, with revenue-per-click (RPC) at $0.61, less than half comparable figures for the 35+ brackets. Indeed, the 45-54 ($1.53) and 55-64 ($1.38) age groups monetized best, though they only commanded about 30% share of spending, combined. Continue reading »
TRADITIONAL MEDIA | April 21, 2014

US Newspaper Revenue Trends in 2013

NAA-US-Newspaper-Media-Ad-Revenue-Profile-in2013-Apr2014US newspaper cross-platform media revenues shrank by 2.6% year-over-year in 2013 to $37.6 billion, reports the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), as growth in new revenue streams failed to make up for declines in traditional print advertising. Print ad spend continued to account for the bulk of total revenues, but fell by 8.6% and now represent only 46% share of total revenues. The results also show that newspapers are failing to keep up with online advertising's overall revenue gains. Continue reading »

Baby Boomers Report Making Three-Quarters of Local Purchases In-Store

April 21, 2014


    Source: BIA/Kelsey
      Notes: Baby Boomers (55+) aren't lagging on the digital front as much as they're made out to be, says BIA/Kelsey, pointing out that almost half of the Baby Boomers and Seniors surveyed use their smartphones at least weekly for local shopping - although it should be noted that smartphone penetration is relatively low among older Americans. Despite some Boomers' use of smartphones for shopping - which is mostly limited to search (66%) rather than applications (4%) - they estimate making 74% of their local purchases in-store. That compares to an average of 56% among the 18-34 bracket. Read more »


      Online Video Ad Views More Than Double Y-O-Y in March

      April 21, 2014


        Source: comScore
          Notes: Online video ad views (desktops and notebooks only) grew to 28.7 billion in March, more than double the year-earlier period (13.2 billion). The percentage of the online population watching a video ad rebounded from a low point in February to reach 54.3%, with the average frequency of ad views - 170 times during the┬ámonth - the second-highest total to-date. With its 3.9 billion ad impressions in March, Live Rail was the top property for the first time, slightly ahead of AOL (3.8 billion). Meanwhile, Americans viewed 46.6 billion online content videos, down from 49.2 billion in February. Google Sites remained the top video property. Read more »

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