ONLINE MEDIA | April 18, 2014

Digital Display Ad Benchmarks, by Region, in 2013

Sizmek-Digital-Display-Ad-CTR-by-Region-in-2013-Apr2014Sizmek (formerly DG MediaMind) has released its latest report [download page] benchmarking performance metrics for several online ad types and formats across the world. The study finds that in North America, the average click-through rate (CTR) for standard banners slipped from 0.1% to 0.08%, while flash rich media CTRs jumped from 0.14% to 0.25%. There were considerable differences in ad performance across the various regions studied, although the trends were largely similar. Continue reading »
TRADITIONAL MEDIA | April 18, 2014

B2B Media Industry Revenues, 2008-2013

    Source: Association of Business Information and Media Companies (ABM)
      Notes: Industry revenues grew by 4.8% year-over-year (3.8% when adjusted for inflation) to reach $26.9 billion, the highest total since 2008 ($29.2 billion, adjusted for inflation in 2013 dollars). The increase was spurred in part by a 22.2% jump in digital ad revenues and a 10.2% rise in data/business information revenues. Events remain the single largest revenue stream, at 45% share in 2013, mostly unchanged from 5 years prior (46% share). Continue reading »

      Search Advertising Trends in Q1

      April 18, 2014

      MC-Search-Ad-Trends-in-Q1-2014-Apr2014An array of research has been released recently looking at paid search trends during the first quarter of the year, from the likes of IgnitionOne, RKG [download page], The Search Agency [download page], Covario [download page] and Kenshoo. While they all use different client sample sets - and thus arrive at different conclusions - certain trends can be gleaned that appear consistent across the reports: spending is up (particularly on mobile), as are click-through rates. Read more »


      Easter Celebrants to Rein in Spending This Year

      April 18, 2014


        Source: NRF
          Notes: The average Easter celebrant is expected to spend on items ranging from candy to clothes for this year’s Easter holiday, down slightly from $145.13 last year. Total spending is expected to reach $15.9 billion, also down from last year's projected $17.2 billion, as fewer Americans will celebrate this year (80% vs. 83%). Food and apparel sales are expected to reach $5 billion and $2.6 billion, respectively, both a step down from last year's study. Roughly 1 in 5 celebrants will make purchases online. Read more »

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