ONLINE MEDIA | July 29, 2014

What Users Value in the Website Experience (Hint: Performance)

LimelightNetworks-Important-Factors-Website-Experience-July2014When it comes to a great website experience, internet users consider performance more important than fresh content, consistent experiences across mobile and desktop, and personalized content, finds Limelight Networks in a study entitled "The State of the User Experience" [pdf]. Delving further into attitudes regarding website performance, the study unearths some intriguing attitudes: for example, roughly 1 in 5 respondents aren't willing to wait longer than 3 seconds for a website to load before getting frustrated and leaving. Continue reading »

“Upscale” Gen Xers and Baby Boomers Compared

Shullman-Gen-X-Baby-Boomers-Luxury-Buying-Plans-July2014The Shullman Research Center has released a new report, this time focusing on the Gen X (34-48) generation. Having already released their report on Baby Boomers early this┬ámonth, the new study provides an opportunity to compare and contrast the attitudes of these two generations, both of which have tremendous spending power. Indeed, while Baby Boomers control the largest share of total net worth dollars of any generation, Gen Xers have the most net worth and average household income on a per-adult basis. And like Baby Boomers, affluent Gen Xers are ready to spend on luxury goods. Continue reading »

Which Brands Have the Best Buzz Among Millennials?

July 29, 2014


    Source: YouGov
      Notes: Google tops the buzz rankings for the first half of this year among US Millennials; research released late last year also found Google to be Millennials' "most-loved" brand. Nike,, YouTube and Apple round out the top 5 Buzz Rankings among US Millennials. Meanwhile, Nike and Samsung hold the top 2 positions among both Hispanics and African-Americans, with Apple also in┬áthe top 5 for both groups. Read more »


      US Android Smartphone Users’ App Activity, by Time of Day

      July 29, 2014


        Source: Strategy Analytics
          Notes: Some 39% of Android smartphone users' daily application activity takes place between the hours of 5PM and midnight, per data from Strategy Analytics' AppOptix platform. The analysis suggests that app engagement tends to pick up in the afternoon and evening hours, as 26% share of app activity occurs during the afternoon (12-5PM) hours. While the morning hours see the least amount of engagement overall, certain categories such as news, weather and sports-related apps do see their highest levels of engagement in the morning. Read more »

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