Top 5 TV-Related Social Media Activities

by MarketingCharts staff

For skeptics who might feel that simply following or liking a TV show doesn’t involve much in the way of engagement, the study has this little tidbit: after liking or following a show, viewers were 75% more likely to watch that show.

The researchers note that among the 24 social media activities measured, 3 key motivations for engaging with TV-related content emerged. These motivations and the key associated activities are listed below.

Functional (searching for show schedules, news, exclusives)

  • Keep up with the latest show news (45%)
  • Stay informed about air dates and times (44%)
  • Access exclusive show info (37%), video (36%) and plot clues (36%)


  • Brand themselves and their taste (34%)
  • Connect with the show (28%)
  • Connect with other fans (28%)


  • Playing for rewards (24% to get freebies or enter contests)
  • Playing games (25% games; 24% quizzes/polls)

Other Findings:

  • About half of respondents said they watched a show more due to the show’s social media game.
  • Promos (54%), word of mouth (50%) and social media (39%) rank as the top 3 sources of show discovery.
  • Of those who discovered a show via social media, 70% are likely to watch its live debut, compared to 48% who discovered it some other way.
  • Also among those who discovered a show via social media, 41% report being likely to watch it live past its first season, compared to 28% who discovered it through another source.