TV is Still the Prime Ad Buy, but Agencies See a Changing Media Mix

by MarketingCharts staff

Notably, even spot TV, the most popular ad buy (and possibly the most effective), appears to be on the decline. In Q4, only 17% of respondents said their clients were more interested in advertising on spot TV, down 40% from a year earlier. Other traditional media seem to be in an even more severe state of decline in interest:

  • 32% are less interested in advertising on spot radio compared to a year earlier;
  • 23% are less interested in out-of-home advertising; and
  • 60% are less interested in print.

And in contrast to the 40% of respondents forecasting a decline in print advertising, a resounding 78% believe they will increase their digital advertising spending this year.

Other Findings:

  • 76% of agencies surveyed use a minimum of 3 mediums per client campaign.
  • Among digital subcategories, 80% will focus on online display, while 71% will put their attention on search and 52% on social media.

About the Data: The STRATA survey was conducted in Q4 2012 among close to 100 media buying agencies.