Who Are “Upscale Latinos”?

by MarketingCharts staff
Of course, the Hispanic population as a whole is young, with 40% under the age of 21 as of 2011. In fact, relative to the Hispanic population as a whole, the upscale Latino might actually be slightly older: the Census Bureau data referenced above shows that in 2011, 77.1% of Hispanics were under 45.

Nevertheless, relative to the American population as a whole (of whom about 61% were under 45 in 2011), upscale Latinos skew young. This population segment also tends to live in sizable households: 77% have households with 4 or more people, and 85% have a household size of at least 3. (By comparison, says Nielsen, 65% of upscale non-Hispanics live in households with at least 3 people.)

Below are some more interesting facts about upscale Latinos, courtesy of Nielsen and the AHAA:

  • They are highly concentrated in urban areas such as Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Miami, and 60% live in the Southwest and Pacific regions;
  • They have an average age of 33, versus 39 for upscale non-Hispanic Whites;
  • They’re more likely than their peers to use smartphones, own an iPad, and be a subscriber to one of the top mobile providers;
  • More than half have been to college, and they’re more likely to own businesses than upscale non-Hispanics;
  • They tend to be financially astute, with half having investments and the vast majority (86%) having a savings account;
  • Three-quarters speak both English and Spanish, although they are slightly more English-dominant than other Hispanics;
  • More than 1 in 3 watch content in both languages;
  • English-language comedies, documentary-style programming, and children’s weekly programming are their most-watched shows, but they tend to watch Spanish-language TV for sports, concerts, and cultural events;
  • Upscale Latinos outspend Hispanics overall (and upscale non-Hispanic Whites) on health and beauty products.