44% of Millennial Women “Love to Shop”

by MarketingCharts staff

According to the ULI survey, both Hispanics (44%) and Blacks (55%) are more likely than the average Millennial (37%) to say that they “love to shop.”

“Shopping centers can rest easy,” conclude the researchers, noting that that 64% of respondents go to enclosed malls at least once a month. Asked their 3 favorite aspects of their most-visited enclosed malls, Millennials pointed to the range of options for finding things they want or need (53%), the opportunity to get out provided by a mall (42%), and stores offering styles they like (37%).

Overall, Millennials, like the average American, enjoy shopping in-store. Aside from malls, most visit discount department stores (91%), neighborhood and community shopping centers (74%), full-line department stores (64%), big-box power centers (63%) and chain apparel stores (58%) on at least a monthly basis.

About the Data: In January 2013, ULI and Lachman Associates conducted a nationally representative online survey of 1,251 Gen-Yers to gauge their retail, dining, and entertainment preferences.