Ford Tops US Buzz Rankings in H1

by MarketingCharts staff

It’s another positive result for Amazon, which has chalked up a number of commendations so far this year:

Other top brands in the Buzz Rankings have also been cited positively in other research. Ford was recently mentioned among the top brands associated by consumers with “patriotism,” while Subway leads all other limited-service restaurants in customer satisfaction. Even the History Channel, #4 on YouGov’s list with a Buzz score of 29.1, garnered some praise from consumers, moving up to the 6th spot in Solution Research Group’s “Must Keep TV” rankings, becoming the top non-sports cable brand in these rankings for the first time since 2007.

The other brands making the top 10 buzz rankings list:

  • Lowe’s (#5; 26.8);
  • V8 (#6; 26.7);
  • Walgreen’s (#7; 25);
  • YouTube (#8; 24.3);
  • Kindle (23.7); and
  • Cheerios (23.7).