Latinos Aspiring To A More “Ambicultural” Identity

by MarketingCharts staff
The researchers refer to this as “cultural rerouting.”

The 66% who aspire to am “ambicultural” identity represent a 50% jump from the 44% who describe that as their current identity.┬áThe shift towards a more balanced identity means that just 7% want to be “more American” (down from 15% who see themselves as currently being that way), and only 27% want to be “more Latino” (as opposed to the 41% who currently see themselves that way).

Looking at the 66% who are or aspire to be “ambicultural,” the study finds that:

  • 65% say they adapt easily to new situations;
  • on average, 72% of their social network friends live in the US;
  • 97% speak English; and
  • 35% currently are in a relationship with someone from a different race or ethnicity;

Compared to those wanting to be “more Latino” or “more American,” this group is more likely to socialize with a mix of ethnic groups, have children who are dating non-Latinos, and count a good family life as their top expression of success.

Understanding the Latino culture is growing in importance to brands as advertisers continue to target this rapidly-growing segment of the population.

About the Data: The data is derived from an online survey conducted among 1,000 online respondents representative of the US Latino adult population.