Millennials’ “Most-Loved” Brand Is…

by MarketingCharts staff

Beyond Google, (#3 for Millennials; #2 for the general market), Microsoft (#6 for Millennials; #3 for the general market) and Reese’s (#7 for Millennials; #6 for the general market) were the other brands to make it into the top 10 for both groups.

Among Millennials, YouTube counted as the second most-loved brand, while Nintendo was 4th and Oreo rounded out the top 5. For the general market, National Geographic ranked 4th and American Red Cross 5th.

Other interesting results from the study include:

  • Google Chrome ranking #10 for Millennials;
  • Apple ranking only 23rd for Millennials, although iPod ranked 8th;
  • Both Nintendo and Wii by Nintendo landing in the top 25 for Millennials;
  • Apple ranking higher among the general market respondents (#13) than among Millennials;
  • Facebook in at #16 for Millennials, absent from the general market list; and
  • No automotive brands making either list.