Got Questions For Brands on Twitter? Expect A Response 38% of the Time

by MarketingCharts staff
The trend certainly appears to be moving in the wrong direction: in Q3 2012, the average response time was 5.1 hours.

By comparison, brands answered 60% of the questions posed to them by Facebook fans in Q1, according to separate data from Socialbakers, although it took them almost a full day (22.6 hours) on average to do so.

Looking at the most recent Twitter data, Socialbakers reveals that in Q1, the most “socially devoted” industries were:

  • Finance (62.8% of questions answered, up from a leading 46.1% in Q4);
  • Airlines (53.2%, up from 45.7%); and
  • Telecom (46.1%, up slightly from 43.5%).

Alcohol (15.6%), electronics (16.7%) and automotive (20.7%) languished at the bottom, although each improved from the prior quarter to some degree, with the alcohol sector roughly doubling its response rate.