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– All good stories need great data –

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      If you’re trying to keep up with the latest marketing data and insights, we’re here for you.

      We’ve found that industry professionals often have trouble cutting through the noise to access the marketing insights they need for pitches, meetings, and thought leadership.

      But it’s not just locating relevant data that’s the problem. Finding the time to stay up to date with a rapidly changing landscape is also a challenge.

      Need to make convincing arguments to your boss or client? We’ll provide you with quick access to fact-based information that’s also summarized in charts. Stay ahead of the curve and get the micro-content you need.

      Having covered the gamut of online and offline marketing and media trends by the numbers since 2007, we are known for our quality, trustworthy, and unbiased industry coverage. Our work is read and shared by senior executives at some of the most recognized companies in the industry, ranging from Accenture to Google, Havas, LinkedIn, IBM, PwC, the ANA, and many others.

      But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our subscribers have to say:

      • “Research that surprises and leads me to inquire further and find out more”
      • “I feel like you are having a conversation with your audience, giving them the facts/data they need when they need it to do good, solid work day-in and day-out”
      • “You have a unique angle that I haven’t found elsewhere”
      • “Great information, always timely and tremendous insight”
      • “I love the simplicity of your charts – easy to share!”
      • “A go-to source for the data I need to help prove the arguments I’m making to clients”
      • “It gives me the ammunition I need to convince executives to make marketing decision shifts”
      • “Helps me connect with my clients and future clients… a huge benefit”
      • “I’ve found new data to confirm or inform my planning”
      • “There have been many conversations started due to what I’ve found on MC”

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      Our commitment to YOU:

      – We will always be laser-focused on bringing you quality, relevant and interesting data that spurs ideas, confirms or rejects theories, and advances you in your career. That means that we will always pay attention to the methodologies of the studies we cover and turn away research that might be buzz-worthy but otherwise iffy.

      – We’ll put your experience above our short-term gain. That means a streamlined site experience that avoids ad clutter and dodgy methods of increasing page views. And… no pop-ups!

      Context, context, context. In almost all of our editorial coverage, you will find links to other articles or references to other research about a similar topic. Placing the results of a study in the context of a broader body of research is an important consideration, particularly for survey research.

      – We will always credit the source of the data/analysis and provide links wherever available. We are not trying to maximize page views here. Instead, we’re trying to maximize value. So if you derive value from us, and that’s by us sending you off-site to a source to find more information, then we’re thrilled. You’re happy = we’re happy. (Also, it’s just good, ethical business practice to credit the source of work – they put in time, effort and resources. We recognize that.)

      – We will continue to look for interesting angles, not parrot the PR line (no disrespect intended to our PR audience). We’re not always going to be the first ones to report on a study – we’d rather find the right time for it and give it analysis and context. What we will do is isolate the data itself and analyze it, devoid of any hype or bias from other coverage.

      We’ll break some news, too. Case in point: we recently conducted an analysis of two different data sources to reveal that the number of Netflix subscribers in the US now exceeds the total number of subscribers to cable TV providers. You may have read about this or seen a version of our chart in one of several large publications (just Google “Netflix cable TV subscribers”), sans attribution to us… which can unfortunately be the nature of the beast with the echo chamber once a large publication gets a hold of something and doesn’t credit you… Anyhow, that’s a different story. Suffice to say, we’ll bring you unique insights.

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