What Are the Biggest Challenges for Converged TV Advertising?

December 8, 2022

The converged TV market – consisting of linear TV, CTV and digital video ads delivered via mobile and desktop – is on the upswing, with 80% of brand and agency advertisers surveyed by Innovid [registration page] reporting that converged TV campaigns have captured a greater share of their media budget over the past year.

However, growth in this market doesn’t come without pain points. The biggest of those is viewership fragmentation, per the report, as advertisers contend with audiences spread out across different publishers, devices and platforms. Close behind, creative personalization is another key challenge, as advertisers try to scale-up their creative. The third-most cited issue with converged TV is inconsistent measurement; perhaps it’s little wonder that advertisers envision converged TV measurement/planning as one of the most impactful marketing technology innovations for advertising.

There’s broad consensus among the survey’s respondents that a unified view of converged TV reach and performance is important, with 92% saying as much. Such a view would have benefits including improved ad relevance and increased data ownership, as well as cost and time savings.

Moving forward, to improve the performance of their converged TV campaigns, advertisers believe that consolidated technology would be the most helpful, followed by unified measurement and connected data.

To read more, check out the infographic here.


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