Advertising decision-makers may be pessimistic about TV ad budgets this year, but this channel still delivers, at least according to consumers. Based on US respondents from a MARCO global survey [pdf] of 14,200 consumers, the report finds that ads on TV influence product or brand decisions more than other ad types.

Asked to assign a rating on a 10-point scale to various advertising channels for their propensity to make them choose one product or brand instead of another, a high of one-third (33%) of US respondents rated advertising on TV a 7-10. This is interesting in light of other research finding that for advertisers, TV is more effective at improving brand awareness than preference.

Meanwhile, another 37% of respondents rated TV ads a 4-6 on the 10-point scale for influencing brand decisions, while only 30% gave them a 0-3 score.

Following TV ads in terms of high ratings were influencers, with 29% scoring them a 7-10 for influencing brand choices. The report notes that among Gen Z, recommendations from influencers are the most influential in affecting their brand choices. Overall, 45% of respondents from the US said they have ever bought something based on the recommendation of an influencer. That ranked 7th out of the 14 countries, with respondents in Kenya (84%) most likely to have done so, and those in Italy (21%) the least likely.

Marketers around the world believe there’s room to grow, and that influencers can further improve in their collaborations by building more interest and purchase intent.

Meanwhile, ads on public transport are the lowest-rated type, with just 20% of US respondents giving them a score of 7-10 for influencing brand decisions, against 52% giving them a 0-3 rating. Although social media ads are in the upper tier for high scores (28% share), fully 43% say that they have little to no influence (0-3 score) on their product or brand choices.

Other Survey Highlights:

  • About two-thirds (66%) of US respondents say that have started buying more online since the COVID pandemic started. That compares with a high of 91% in Brazil and a low of 42% in Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Only 40% of respondents in the US said they buy Travel more online than in a physical store, which ranked 12th out of the 14 countries.
  • Likewise, just 44% in the US said they buy Clothing & Fashion more online than in a physical store, which ranked 13th out of the 14 countries.
  • Even so, Clothes & Fashion is the category that the highest share of respondents in the US said they buy more online than in a physical store.
  • By contrast, Medicine, Make-Up, and Groceries are the categories that the largest share of respondents said they buy in a physical store rather than online.

About the Data: The results are based on an online survey carried out from May-June 2022 among 14,200 respondents in the following countries: Kenya; Brazil; Morocco; South Africa; Mexico; Colombia; USA; Cote d’Ivoire; UK; Portugal; Germany; France; Spain; & Italy.


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