3rd Gen Hispanics Want More Relatable Advertising. Here Are the Top 10 Ad Elements That Resonate

October 21, 2016

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yahoo-important-ad-elements-3rd-gen-hispanics-oct2016A majority of 2nd (63%) and 3rd (65%) gen Hispanics agree that there should be more ads in English that speak specifically to Hispanics and Latinos, according to a new study [download page] from Yahoo Advertising and Audience Theory. While a majority of survey respondents believe that an ad showing multiple cultures is more likely to connect with Hispanic consumers, most also say that ads targeted to them don’t reflect their experience.

To better understand how to target advertising to Hispanics and Latinos (something a majority of these respondents welcome), it’s important to understand which ad elements create better connections – and which don’t.

Yahoo notes that the ads that resonate the most with 3rd generation Hispanics are those that “speak to their cultural identity in modern, relevant and creative ways.” Indeed, the most important ad elements driving connections to brands among this group are those that:

  • Make them feel a strong positive emotion (78%);
  • Depict both Hispanic traditions and American culture simultaneously (76%);
  • Depict “real” life rather than aspirational/unrealistic life (75%);
  • Place an emphasis on family (73%); and
  • The stage of life they are currently in (71%).

By contrast, the least important ad elements include ones that include Latin music (45%), are all in Spanish language (41%) and include Latin style dancing (40%).

The results indicate that 3rd-gen Hispanics want both their Hispanic heritages and American culture acknowledged, and prefer scenarios that are relatable to public figures.

Some 71% believe it’s important for them to keep their family’s heritage/traditions/customs alive. The most common ways for this group to feel connected to their heritage are through:

  • The food they eat or cook (68%);
  • Traditions, celebrations and holidays (55%);
  • Their family name (45%);
  • The way their parents raised them (42%); and
  • Their personal ethics and values (42%).

The full Yahoo study can be downloaded here.

For data on Hispanic media audiences, see MarketingCharts’ US Media Audience Demographics report.


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