What Are the Biggest Advertising Challenges Faced by Marketers?

June 30, 2017

A few advertising challenges are considerably more problematic than others, according to new survey results from Advertiser Perceptions. The top challenges faced by marketers are: reaching potential customers in a meaningful and compelling manner; and accurate and reliably measurement, per the survey’s results.

The measurement concern is well-worn at this point as the pressure on marketers to prove their worth continues to increase.

But sometimes lost in the discussion is the difficulty in not only reaching potential customers (which in digital advertising happens around 60% of the time) but in doing so in a compelling manner. That requires that ad creative speak to consumers in a way that understands them (which is creatives’ biggest challenge).

A related challenge, then, is getting the attention of the target market, which was the third-most cited problem by the marketers surveyed. In an age of banner blindness, clutter and screen distraction, that’s can sometimes be a tough proposition…

Meanwhile, in comparison to these leading challenges, marketers seemed less concerned with other obstacles including mobile marketing tactics, the transformation or evolution to digital and managing input from C-suite executives.

Ad Spend to Increase in H2

Separately, almost half of the survey’s respondents indicated that their ad spending will increase during the second half of this year as compared to the first half spend, with Facebook and Google Search being the media brands most likely to gain share of advertisers’ budgets. No wonder those two alone control one-fifth of global ad spending!

As for the influence of politics, roughly half (49%) said that the new Trump administration and its attitudes to globalization won’t have a difference on their desire to advertise globally. More said that it would hinder (30%) than help (21%), though.

About the Data: The results are based on a survey of 300 marketers and agency professionals (50/50 split) involved in advertising and media decision-making.


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