Social Media Magnifies Marketers’ Influence

August 13, 2009

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More than six in 10 (61%) US marketing and advertising executives believe that marketing teams within organizations have greater influence on business decisions now than they did three years ago, in part because of their leading-edge use of social media, according to a survey by the Creative Group.


The number of respondents who think marketing is more influential now compares with 23% who believe marketing professionals hold less sway, the national survey found.

When advertising and marketing executives were asked if they believe the influence a company’s marketing professionals have on business decisions has increased or decreased in the last 3 years:

  • 18% say it has increased significantly.
  • 43% say it has increased somewhat.
  • 15% report no change in influence.
  • 20% say it has decreased somewhat
  • 3% say it has decreased significantly.

According to Megan Slabinski, executive director of the Creative Group, a good portion of this increased influence can be credited to marketer’s early adoption and continued use of social media. Social media programs, which are often overseen by marketing and communications professionals, may increase the influence that marketing has in an organization.

“Many marketers are interacting directly with customers and clients through Twitter, Facebook and other social media, which gives them immediate, firsthand knowledge of how the firm’s products and services are perceived and can be improved upon,” Slabinski said.

About the study: The survey was conducted by an independent research firm and is based on 250 telephone interviews – 125 with advertising executives randomly selected from the nation’s 2,000 largest advertising agencies and 125 with senior marketing executives randomly selected from the nation’s 2,000 largest companies.


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