3 in 10 Podcast Listeners Have Used a Promo Code Heard During an Episode

October 5, 2021

NCSolutions Podcast Listeners Response to Ads Oct2021Some 4 in 10 Americans ages 12 and older listen to podcasts every month and this year podcast advertising spending is expected to top $1 billion. Fortunately for advertisers, new data [press release] from NCSolutions reveals one-third of podcast listeners say ads on their favorite show are a good way to reach them, with some (27%) saying they even find listening to ads enjoyable.

Advertisers recognize the potential benefits of podcast advertising such as targetable and diverse audiences and brand safety, but it appears podcast listeners are also engaging with the ads they hear. Some 3 in 10 (29% of) podcast listeners say they have used a promotional code they heard during a show, with 42% saying they’ve purchased a product advertised on a podcast. Indeed, one-third (34%) report having purchased products two or more times after hearing an ad on a podcast, and 17% have purchased products featured in podcast ads four or more times.

Heavy podcast listeners – who are likely to listen to their favorite shows on their commute or at work – are even more likely to engage in these behaviors. “Power subscribers” – defined by NCSolutions as those listeners who subscribe to six or more podcasts – say podcast advertisements are a good way for brands to reach them (42%) and help them discover new products (53%). Additionally, close to 7 in 10 (68%) have purchased a product they heard advertised in a podcast.

The type of ad delivered on a podcast can have an impact. Previous research from Nielsen found that host-read ads helped boost brand recall, purchase intent, recommendation intent and higher affinity and familiarity. Supporting this, NCSolutions found that more than one-third (36%) of podcast listeners will research a product a host endorses, with 3 in 10 (28%) saying they are more likely to remember an endorsed product.

The most popular products purchased by podcast listeners are those related to food and beverages (42%), beauty and grooming (35%) and health and wellness (31%).

Read the full report here.

About the Data: Findings are based on an August of 2,403 US adults, 52% of whom indicated they are podcast listeners.


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