Podcast Ad Performance Generally Improved in Q3

January 5, 2023

Podcast ads’ average conversion rate grew both quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year in Q3, and average purchase conversion and lead conversion rates from attributed visitors also climbed, according to the latest report [download page] from Podsights.

The report shows that the average conversion rate for site visitors (measured as visitors ÷ household reach) was 1.31% during Q3. This was an increase from 1.17% in Q2, and also exceeded the year-earlier mark of 1.24%.

Improved results may relate to more consistency in ad frequency, which measures the number of times a household was exposed to an ad. Podsights recommends that advertisers keep frequency between 2-5 for the best results, and in Q3 the figure stood at 4.75. That was steady from 4.76 in Q2, both being within the recommended range after the prior 2 quarters had exceeded it (5.69 in Q4 2021 and 6.32 in Q1 2022).

Meanwhile the purchase conversion rate (measured as purchases divided by reach) for podcast ads also grew in Q3, rising to 0.044% from 0.037% the quarter prior. However, unlike with the conversion rate, this latest figure did not match the year-earlier period (0.054%). Likewise the purchase conversion rate from attributed visitors (purchases ÷ visitors) was also up from the previous quarter, to 4.81%, but down from Q3 2021 (6.15%).

Finally, the lead conversion rate (the number of sign-ups or email captures divided by reach) rose to a new high of 0.11%, and the lead conversion rate from attributed visitors climbed to 11.79%, ahead of the Q2 mark (9.96%) and also above the year-earlier average of 10.7%.

In other highlights from the report:

  • Pre-roll ads, which have grown in popularity among advertisers, continued to have higher conversion rates (1.15%) than mid-roll (1.06%) and post-roll (0.99%) ads, though the latter saw a considerable improvement from the previous quarter.
  • Dynamically inserted ads registered a higher average conversion rate (1.12%) than embedded ads (0.93%), but the gap narrowed from Q2.
  • The Parenting vertical had the highest average conversion rate (4.09%) of any vertical for the second consecutive quarter.
  • The Fashion and Beauty verticals had the highest purchase conversion rate.
  • The Health & Wellness vertical led all in lead conversions from podcast ads as well as lead conversion rate from attributed visitors.
  • The Arts, Entertainment and Media vertical had the highest average install conversion rate for the second consecutive quarter.

For more, download the report here.


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