Google and Amazon Maintain DSP Popularity Lead With Programmatic Advertisers

December 4, 2017

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Google and Amazon lead the way in demand-side platform (DSP) popularity among advertisers, although many wouldn’t even characterize these platforms as DSPs, according to a study from Advertiser Perceptions. Roughly 4 in 10 advertisers surveyed who use DSPs said they intend to use DoubleClick Bid Manager (41%) and Amazon Advertising (39%) in the coming year.

These competing platforms have different strengths, per the report. While Google is seen as having the greatest reach and the most valuable campaign analytics and data, Amazon is perceived to be easier to work with than DoubleClick. In fact, Amazon is the preferred DSP overall, edging out Google.

Interestingly, just one-quarter of programmatic advertisers accurately characterize Doubleclick Big Manager as a DSP. Even fewer (18%) characterize Amazon Advertising Platform as a DSP.

Amazon has been making waves in the advertising world of late: its US advertising revenue is expected to double between this year and 2019, per recent estimates, as advertisers’ interest in the platform continues to grow.

Advertisers’ Concerns on the Rise

In a climate where digital media buying is being more closely scrutinized and there are signs that buyers are being more cautious with programmatic buying, Advertiser Perceptions’ study notes rising concerns with various buzz-worthy topics.

Fraud is the top concern out of those mentioned in the report’s release, cited by 39% of advertisers (up 12% year-over-year). Roughly one-quarter also report concern over brand safety (up 9% year-over-year) and verification (up 2% year-over-year).

Separately, a survey from Teads indicates that more than three-quarters of CMOs are growing more worried about brand safety, and more than three-quarters likewise are becoming more concerned with ad fraud. As a result, close to half want greater transparency from suppliers and agencies: 53% are re-examining their agency relationships and 48% are questioning their supplier relationships, per the report.

Recent research from Advertiser Perceptions and Trusted Media Brands, however, found that while digital media buyers are concerned with fraud and brand safety, ROI is their top focus.

And while concerns seem to be climbing, they may not be denting overall use of programmatic: 80% of programmatic advertisers surveyed are accelerating or prioritizing programmatic ads.

Other Highlights

  • Programmatic advertisers are on average using 3 DSPs to reach audiences. Rocket Fuel, BrightRoll and The Trade Desk round out the top 5 in purchase intention after Google and Amazon.
  • One-third of marketers surveyed plan to bring programmatic buying in-house.
  • Half of marketers and agencies feel that programmatic buying will evolve to ultimately be the client’s responsibility.

About the Data: Advertiser Perceptions surveyed more than 700 advertisers in June 2017, 52% from marketers and 48% from agencies, with 49% VP level or higher.


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